Trendmood Box X Boscia
Trendmood Box X Boscia

Trendmood Box X Boscia

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 The x @boscia Takeover Includes:

1. Papaya and Pomegranate Enzyme Exfoliating Body Cleanser

targets visible signs of aging and promotes smoother, clearer skin by gently removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. Packed with effective, but gentle acids like Mandelic and Lactic Acid, also diminishes discoloration, nourishes skin and replenishes lost moisture thanks to Betaine and Beet Root Extract.

2. Peptide Youth-Restore Firming Body Serum

An age-defying serum replenishes hydration, restores skin balance and plumps less-than-firm skin, with vitamins and elements such as a firming tripeptide, a soothing chamomile blend, and youth-enhancing ingredients for a body serum that keeps your skin firm, soft, and youthful.

3. Prebiotic + Probiotic Freshening All-over Body Deodorant

helps prevent odor-causing bacteria and reinforce a healthy biome leaving you feeling fresh all day. A formulation of ingredients help to gently exfoliate skin to tackle bad bacteria and provide skin-brightening properties, creamy texture provides a mattifying finish that allows formula to absorb into the skin to balance, smooth, and prevent irritation and redness.

4. Fruit Acid Smoothing Foot Peel with plant-based alcohol

An intensely effective peeling foot treatment mask helps break down and peel-off rough and tough layers of skin to reveal super-soft and smooth feet. A potent blend of plant-based alcohol, AHAs and powerful Papaya, Orange, Apple and Lemon Fruit Extracts deeply penetrate into the skin to dissolve and shed dead skin cells while resurfacing and softening callused skin.

5. Hand Sanitizer